Life really can throw one for a loop!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009 |

Well hello there.  It seems like it has been forever since I last posted….Oh wait it has been.  I am so sorry for that.  After all that has happened in the last few months I really need an outlet to help me get rid of some of this stress.  So let’s hope blogging helps. 

To start off, I got back from NYC about a month ago where I was there to perform on Off-Broadway.  It had to have been one of the best experiences in my life.  I saw so much and did so much that I was sure there wasn’t anything left that I could do….but had to tell myself that I was in the City that Never sleeps.  There was so much I had not done.  But I was pleased with what I did see.  I saw 3 musicals while there, Shrek, 9 to 5, and Ave. Q.  And I do not think I could pick my favorite but I do have to say Shrek was by far one of the best.  It has to be a must see for everyone. 

When I got back I had decided that I was moving to NYC to get into acting….Well that came to a halt quickly.  Zach’s bosses said that it was to far from the office and he could not work from home.  I was not about to leave Wichita with neither of us having a job.  That would suck.  So we put that thought out of our minds.  And come to find out it was for a reason. 

We went back home to Great Bend on the 4th of July to spend some time with my family.  But that turned south really fast. My father told me that he had an affair, and mom has known for the last year but did not tell anyone as they were wanting to work on it and have been trying.  Well my father on Sunday the 5th told my brother Jordan that he was leaving and he needed to.  I have 4, what I call major, conversation on that weekend with my father.  All of which are by far to much to to actually type.  But one of the ones that really stick out in my mind was when I asked him this, “You are willing to sacrifice mine, my brothers, my sisters, my moms, my brothers girl friend, and my boy friends happiness just so you can leave and go and be with this woman so you can be happy?”  He said, “YES” and I said “You are one selfish bastard…” and then I proceeded to cuss him out a whole lot more with words that I should not post there.  That was the last conversation I had with him that weekend.  Since then I have had a few more and even sent him a text after one of those conversations and told him he was not allowed to call or text me ever again.  Yes on Tuesday night he sent me a text and said I Love You.  I was so pissed.  I wanted to text him back and cuss him out more for not being able to follow a simple rule.  But I was the bigger person and just let it be.  So that is the really really short version of this story.  Sorry just mentally I do not not need to relive most of this.  I never thought I would be 29 years old and my parents who have been married 30 years and who have a 8 year old daughter and seeing my parents getting a divorcĂ©.  I never wanted my family to be a statistic.  But I guess we are.  I am just happy that my mom is getting out of that relationship so she can move on with her life and learn to actually be happy.  She deserves that much.

So anyways onto lighter news, before I left for NYC I was cast in a play at Kechi.  The show runs all of August and is called Tons of Money.  It is a 1922 British comedy and is very funny.  If you are interested in going please let me know and I will see about getting you seats reserved. 

I hope you are all doing well and remember that life is to short not to eat that cookie you see on the counter.



New Bakugan Rules

Thursday, May 21, 2009 |

One of the things that really drive me crazy is when you play a game based on a cartoon, and when you actually play it they are nothing like the show. Things the characters do all the time are against the rules or the things you can do are nothing like what you saw. This season the rules are so different, it does not really feel like I am playing the same game anymore, so I had to do something about it.  I went back and started watching the new episodes specifically to try and figure out the rules they play by.  I want to figure out some nice simple rules that you can play by, and really feel like you are playing the same game.  I would like this to be an open discussion of what the rules are on the show, and the best way to recreate them using the cards and marbles we have.  I will put up what I think, and try to show specific examples from the show to back it up. If you have a better idea, I would love to hear it, I think together we can come up with a really fun and functional set of rules.

Life Gauge
One of the most obvious changes this season is the inclusion of a life gauge.
If you look closely at the life gauge you can see it is divided into 5 sections.  When Dan fights Bolt's Verias in the first episode, it has 350Gs, Drago has 400. There is a 50 point difference, and after the attack Bolt's life bar drops 1/2 way down one section. Next Dan attacks Link's Flybeetle It has 350 Gs and Dan uses his "Burning Dragon"(+200g) ability card that boosts Drago to 600. That is a difference of 250Gs, and Mira comments that Link lost half of his life gauge. In the show they say "whatever power level you loose in battle your life gauge goes down as well, and when it hits zero you've lost.", but it is not very clear just what that means, what they show, is that you take the difference in power levels as damage to your life gauge. If each section of the life gauge is 100 points with a 500 point total, Bolt takes the 50 point difference in power as damage, and the life gauge drops 1/2 way down one section (to 450 points). Drago's 250 g difference above Link's Flybeetle takes Link's life gauge halfway (down to 250). In the second episode you can see it works the same way. When Dan looses to Percival's first attack there is a 50 point difference, and Dan's life gauge drops 1/2 way down the first section.
This is probably why they chose 500 points as the point difference where you loose your Bakugan, your life gauge would empty in one hit!
Ability cards
The next thing I want to talk about is ability cards. Dan very clearly uses "Burning Dragon" in almost every attack. When he was fighting Ace and Percival, he said he used it twice in one attack, though the animation showed a different attack the second time, so I will call that an error in the dialogue.  It is not just Dan who does this, everyone seems to, and not just with one card either. It seems they can use the same set of ability cards each time a new gate card is played. They can also use the same Bakugan on each gate card as well. If you say, "After each battle, when a new gate card is played, move all used ability cards and Bakugan to the unused pile." that should cover that.
For the number of ability cards they have, Dan has called out 6 specific ability card names so far, though I suspect he has more cards than that.  I would have to say each player has a maximum of 9 cards, 3 of each color. This is a guess; I have seen no indication that they have different colored ability cards like we do.  (They do seem to be marked as Pyrus, Ventus, Darkus or whatever attribute they are for.)
For double or triple fusion abilities, I would say you can only use one card of each color in a fusion attack, that way you could at most with 9 cards do 3 triple fusion ability attacks in a turn.  This would match what we have seen so far, and leave a bit of room open for really huge combo attacks in future episodes.

Gate Cards
There must be some really boring gate cards in new Vestroia, all they have mentioned is a "reactor" card for the different attributes: Pyrus reactor, Subterra reactor, and so on. It is also interesting to note that you can see a single Attribute symbol on the gate cards, and only one Bakugan gets the bonus from the gate card.  I think this is really boring, and will probably ignore this when I am playing at home. Still to be thorough, we should still cover this.  You could limit the Gate card to only giving a G power bonus to the highest attribute, or only the highlighted bonus, or only to the player who played the card.
Marucho mentioned a "3 attack" limit in a two player brawl (when Dan was fighting Ace in episode two); I think this could be an indication that you can collect 3 gate cards as an additional way to win.

The other really obvious difference in the way they play is the rules for trap Bakugan. Traps are treated as their own independent creatures, the first time we see one, it is used to battle Marucho and Elfin, and the trap was played first, without a Bakugan! If there are actually G power traps released here, they still would not be used the same way as in the show.  I would propose these rules to use traps more like what we see. “Unless otherwise specified all traps have 350Gs. (This would let you use Traps with their own listed G power if they are ever released.) When a trap is in play (open) it is considered to have multiple attributes, allowing you to play ability cards that match the additional attribute symbols” For example, you play a Haos Zoak to support your Haos Nemus.  The trap adds 350 G to your total, and you can now play Haos or Darkus ability cards on your Zoak.

There are some other differences in battles as well. They seem to be able to battle without activating a gate card, or can activate the gate card after attribute cards have been played. Only have the gate card flip after one of the players battling on the gate card calls “gate card open”.
Since the two primary players I battle with are my six and four year old boys, I find the next rule very helpful in having fast, enjoyable battles. You don’t have to roll your bakugan, just place them on the gate card where you want them to battle. Has anyone ever missed a card and not been able to battle in the show?  Or even landed on the wrong gate card? I don’t think anyone has even come close to missing, but in real life it happens all the time. This just frustrates people, and makes things less fun in our house.
If there is a tie, no one takes damage, and the gate card remains on the field, and the ability cards go to the used pile.
It also seems one player can simply throw in another bakugan onto the gate card where they already had one, and have both battle, though this was frowned on. It was called “cheating” in the show, but it did work and more than one person has done it. Interestingly it was not called cheating if one was a trap and the other a normal bakugan.  The advantage is you can have a higher point total, but you risk loosing both if you really get beaten.
It is also very easy to add a new player to the brawl, they simply added their bakugan to the gate card (even in the middle of a fight), or they could wait until there was no active gate card, and throw in their own gate card and attack.

Types of matches
So far we have seen one on one, two on one, and two on two, battles. There might be different ways that you count damage in the different matches, I don’t know.  In the forst battle, Link places a gate card, and then stands his Bakugan, then Bolt throw his, then Dan.  Dan has Drago attack just Bolt’s Verias, and then he plays an ability card, and attacks Link’s Atmos. There were two separate “attacks” with separate damage counts for each.  Was this just creative license to make an interesting battle? Or can you specify what bakugan you want to attack first, and then battle again until all your opponents are defeated?  This one I don’t know yet, it was the first battle in New Vestroia, and they do a lot of establishing the rules in the first few battles, so this could be significant, or it overanalyzing things and making them more complex than they need to be.
Let me know what you think, have I missed something? Is there a better way to play something I suggested? I want to hear it, let’s work out a solid understanding of the basics.

Why “supporting” local art is important.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009 |

Well since I went off on my last post I am going to try to explain why it is important to support the local arts. 

City government can't support and fund every local arts organization or music venue.  Thus making it important for the local community to get out there and support it.  That doesn’t mean go to the bar and drink all night and “listen” to the band, that means taking an active stance and help them out.  Buy their CD’s or T-Shirts, or finically support them.  We all know that money doesn’t grow on trees. 

Also what type of world would we live in if we did not have the cultural thing there to brighten our day.  Maybe it is going to see Shakespeare in the Park, or maybe it is going down to Mead’s Corner and listening to your favorite band.  Whatever it might be that puts that little smile on your face, just think of what it would be like with out that there.

For me, I perform in a lot of shows at the Wichita Community Theatre.  That theatre is 100% non profit.  Every dollar that is given or spent on tickets goes to help put that 1 show on.  Everyone donates their time and talent to make the place run.  So why not show up on a weekend and help build a set or, go to an audition and perform in a show?  Something, anything to help with the art scene in Wichita. 

If you don’t know how or where to start, let me know and I can help direct you in the right direction, put you in contact with people that can get you started.  There is so much in this town to be proud of, and with out your support and help these things will start to die out and then there will not be those things that help put that smile on your face. 

Thanks for reading.


Wichita sure has a funny way of showing support…

Saturday, May 2, 2009 |

As I sit here and write this blog, there are many people who are recovering from a night out on the town since last night was First Friday here in Wichita.  Incase you don’t know what this is it is a chance for local artist to perform at local clubs around town and have people move from venue to venue and listen to them play.  Now this also involves people drinking at the bars and talking more than rather actually enjoying the bands that are there playing.  Instead of spending money on the bands merchandise or actually helping them finically the patrons at the bars just rather spend their money at the bars drinking.  So you might be asking yourself where am I going with this, well here it is.

How about instead of spending money on worthless alcohol, how about you show your actual support of the local arts scene?  There are people out there that need the support, not you going out and getting drunk.  People are not asking for hundreds and  hundreds of dollars but a few bucks.  That is what helps supports these local bands and artists.  How about instead of spending money on drinks you actually go and sit and enjoy the band and then buy their merchandise or supporting them finically? 

Also there are other local artists out there that need the support as well.  And again they are not asking for a ton of money but as they say every little bit helps.  Right now there are a group of 12 actors and actresses who are trying to fundraise money to head to NYC to perform on Off-Broadway.  But before they leave Wichita and head to NYC for a week they will be doing 3 performances here in Wichita.  This is a great chance to see and Off-Broadway show performed by local Wichitans as well as it is being written by a gentleman who is from Wichita.  I cannot think of a better way for people to support the local arts than by lending a helping hand to these people and buying a ticket to the show, or instead of buying 40.00 worth of drinks at the bar have one less and support them that way. 

I am not saying that this is the only people you have to support, I am just trying to show you that there are more than one way to support the local arts scene here in Wichita. 

But what tends to happen is that those people who just go and stand by they wayside and just drink or not really help support local arts will be the people that are saying, “I helped them become famous or I helped them succeed,” and they will try to take all the credit when they just stood by and watched.  But let me tell you, those are the people that themselves will get thrown by the way side and forgotten about when the real time comes.

Now there are those people out there that have helped tremendously and know the real way how to help support local artists in Wichita and you know who you are.  I want to personally thank you and want you to know that you will always have a very special place in my heart.

I hope that this really does strike a nerve with you, because if it does then you need to take a long hard look at yourself and see if you are one of the “by standards” or  actually someone who really helps with that support.


Incase you are interested in helping out a local theatre person who is heading to NYC please check out my site  there you can purchase tickets or donate.  Thanks for your support Wichita.

New Computer

Tuesday, April 28, 2009 |

Well today is the day that I finally make the move and start blogging more.  I got my new Dell Studio 15 Laptop today and this should help me blog more.  Why just because it is all new and shinny and I will want to take it out and show everyone it.  It is very nice.  It has a backlit keypad so I can see when I am in the dark.  It is super fast and has some really neat features that none of my other computers have or had.  It is all around a nice computer. 

On a side note I did apply for a manager position in Mobile, AL.  I do hope that this is finally my chance to get where I need to go.  I have put my due time in and done all that I need to do to get where I want to go.  I just need to be given the chance to do just that.  Life sometimes likes to throw me some curve balls and I really need to learn to swing at them.

But if I do move I will need to majorly look at getting someone to paint my kitchen for me as it is still in disarray. 

Anyways I hope this finds you well and look for more to come in the future.


And so the New Year starts

Tuesday, January 6, 2009 |

What was that saying I always heard growing up? Jump in feet first.....something like that. Well the new year has started and I am on a roll. Lets run down the list real quick.

1. Get back on the weight loss track. Check
So far I have been eating right and going to the gym. Tonight I actually had a really great workout and feel great.

2. Blog more Check
Here is my blog for this week so much be going well....Only time will tell on this one.

3. Set a budget. Check (for the most part)
I have eaten out but when you cook for one or 2 people, some times it is cheaper to grab a 5.00 foot long. But I did find something on eBay today and told myself I did not need it and resisted the temptation. Go me.

4. Be more active in my community. Hard to check this one off yet but I am planning on going to the ROKICT meeting at the Library this weekend, so that is a start.

5. Spend more quality time with my family. Check
I was surprised when my family came down this weekend to help me with a few things around my house. It was nice to see them and spend the time with them.

6. Work on my relationships. A work in progress

7. Carry a Journal with me. Check/fail
I have written in it everyday this week, but not as much as I would like. Also still looking for that perfect journal. I want 1 blank page with the date at the top, if you know where I can find one like that please let me know.

8.......Here is one I thought of. I have decided that this year I am going to audition for some type of Musical. If that is with the Mosley Street Melodrama, or the Music theatre of Wichita I am going to put myself out there and try something new. Jumping in feet first.

Now for something more than just my resolutions again.

I think I am really weird. Yes I know that is a stretch of the imagination for some of you, but bear with me.

I have this need to constantly look for the new "thing" and have a thirst to have it. I am so very much a kid at heart, (must be that now I can buy what I want when I want it) that I collect a variety of different toys. I collect Power Rangers (if you have any old one lying around I will take them off your hands) I also collect Bakugan. Some of you with young kids around your house might know what these are. I don.t collect them to play the game (how weird would a 28 year old be playing a kid game?) I collect them to collect them. It is like looking for that buried treasure. And there is nothing like ripping into the new package and seeing the glorious toy that you found.

But what kills me is this. Right now I am looking for 1 more to finish off my current collection. I have to go to every Target, Walmart, and ToyRUs as often as possible looking for that one Bakugan that I need to finish my collection. And I don't mean every so often I really mean as much as possible. I have this thing in my head that if I don't go they will put the one out that I need and some one else will snatch it up. It is so hard to describe but that feeling when you find it is so great. I think that is what keeps me out for the hunt. I guess I might have been a Pirate in a previous life. That is the only thing I can think of. Not sure what I told you all that but it makes me feel better knowing people know I am freak......AAARRRGGGG shiver me timbers.

Anyways I am off for the night more to come soon.


New Years Resolutions

Monday, December 29, 2008 |

Well it is that time of year again. And how many of us actually make those New Years Resolutions, but don't stick to them? I know I fall guilty to that every year. The one year I thought rather than give something up or what not I would try to do something that bettered mankind. Well that didn't work either. Well I have decided that this year I need to stick to them. I do have a few that are on top of my list.

1. Get back on the weight loss track.
I was so good about this come August. Then I went to Florida and that fell through. Well I have only gained 10lbs back but I need to lose 50 more. So starting on the 2nd I am getting out my point calculator and hitting the gym like no bodies business.

2. Blog more
I am not much of a blogger, but I have found that it helps me get a lot off my chest when I have no one to talk to. (Granted I am not a great speller and my grammar isn't the best but I do what I can.) I will hold myself to Blog at least once a week.

3. Set a budget.
Now this isn't your typical budget, other then I am cutting back on everything I do. No more toys (only on those special occasions), No more eating out, No more heck anything that I don't need to survive. If I could get away with not paying bills I would so do that. But I kind of need my house and other things to survive.

4. Be more active in my community
I want to be someone that knows what is going on. And by getting out there and trying to make a difference will help me achieve that. Not sure how I will accomplish that but I will be on the look out for it.

5. Spend more quality time with my family.
I want to see my family more this year. Even if that is going home for the weekend just to see them. Family is precious and something that should not be taken lightly.

6. Work on my relationships
Not limiting myself on this one. But I need to work on my relationships with people. Being there for my friends/family/lovers no matter who. Also try to stop being so critical. I tend to over react to things, and that is my downfall. People do not like that. (Note to self this is a MUST)

7. Carry a Journal with me.
I want to carry a journal with me so I can write down funny things, phone numbers or whatever I come across this new year. You would be surprised at how much stuff one misses.

8. ........
I am leaving the rest to things I think of though out the year. Why make all the great choices right now when I know new things will show its ugly head in the near future.

Well that is what I am going to be doing for the New Year. I hope that I will be able to stick to this.

I will keep you all up-to date on the status of these things. I hope all of you have a great New Year and you keep your resolutions this year as well.